Back in July, 1971, founding pastor, Ruby Dodge and the congregation moved a building from across town to the current location in Bethel Heights. The building was originally built in 1967 and was damaged in the 1970 Springdale tornado that hit Elmdale shopping center and injured 30+ people.  Sister Ruby had the building relocated to the edge of her farm. She and the congregation repaired the building roof , bricked the building, and built on Sunday School rooms. The first Sunday inside the building occurred in July with 36 in attendance the first Sunday.  They held the dedication service on September 5th, 1971.

     The Church had its ups and downs throughout the years, and various pastors after Sis. Ruby's retirement, which included Grover, Hathorn, Homer Davis, Don Turner, Harold Ship, and Johnny Case.

    In the Spring of 1991, Bro. Kelly Yarbrough and his family began attending services at Faith Full Gospel Church.  The Church did not have a pastor,  so Sis. Ruby Dodge was filling in.   Bro. Kelly began preaching on Sunday nights for her.  However, Sis. Ruby went for cancer surgery in March 1992.  She was given only 6 months to live.  On Aug. 6, 1992, Sis. Ruby went home to be with the Lord.  She has been dearly missed. We appreciate her labor  of love and all those who have helped in this work.

     The Church had declined to 5-6 people before Bro. Kelly and his family joined to help.  From Aug., 1991 to Aug., 1992, the Church grew from 10 to an average of 27 in attendance.  The Church continued a slow, steady growth through the years.   By 2005, building plans began. Originally, there were plans to build a fellowship hall, but with prayerful consideration the plans were changed into building a new sanctuary in which to worship.  The Lord provided, and the new building which was finished in 2009. The first Sunday was held in it on Dec. 13, 2009.  The building has been debt free since 2012.  The old building has been used for kids' Church and a fellowship hall. 

     On Easter Sunday, 2016, the Church set a new record of 240 in attendance.  The Church currently has 195 on the roll and averages 140 in Sunday attendance.